LETA Agenda | May 2020

  • Chair: John Patrinos
  • Attendance: Suzette Hibbert, Adrian Hobbs, Jason Broughton, Sally Cleary, Dan James, Ashley Clarke, Victoria Hodges, Kevin Harris.
  • Apologies: Jo Fuller, Rob Newman, Keith Vingoe
  • Meeting: via Zoom

1) Activities from previous minutes.

In most cases business support grants had been received, but were no substitute for a season’s trading.

Jason & Victoria attended the ENPA recovery planning conference call, and will attend another on 7 May.

Cliff Railway opening into a much later season and being the focus of a “L&L is open campaign” is still on the cards if not prevent by continuing Covid control measures such as social distancing.

Virtually all local restaurants have been contacted and are ready to stay open.
Action:All – forward any example of specific problems to Dan James.Jason/Victoria to join ENPA a recovery planning conference call on 7 May.

2) Local activity.
Woodside Bridge being constructed. Will be kept low key for the moment with a larger scale opening after social distancing is lifted or relaxed.

Reliable reports of an increase in traffic despite the lockdown.

Local sentiment was agreed to be overwhelmingly against any premature lifting of lockdown despite its crippling impact. Many people will probably choose continued self-isolate.

Kevin reported that an attempt to get a £2,500 grant for marketing from DCC has been rejected.

Action: John – see if NDC will release a list of L&L businesses that haven’t yet applied for a business grant so they can be helped to overcome any difficulty.

Action: John – invite our MP to a LETA Zoom to ensure she understands the total reliance of our area on tourism (i.e. about five times as reliant as Devon as a whole).

[meeting was abruptly cut off with all rejoining except Kevin and Dan]

Some concern was expressed at the continued viability of Shearings.
It was agreed that the area needed to be kept spic and span. To that end the Cliff Railway will be defurloughing some staff and running trains, although without passengers.

Next meeting: John to confirm with MP and circulate.