LETA Agenda | May 11th 2021

  • Chair: John Patrinos
  • Attendance: Ashley Clarke, Kevin Harris, Mark Halliday, Suzette Hibbert, Victoria Hodges, Dan James, Rob Newman, John Patrinos (Chair), Chris Sleep, Jess Twydall, Keith Vingoe
  • Apologies: John Andrews, Jason Broughton, Liz Cwilewicz, Adrian Hobbs, Nick Woodall.
  • Meeting: via Zoom

Welcome to new members Jess and Mark. 

1) Actions from 30th March

a) Esplanade traffic barriers 
Are up and the socks have had lots of positive comments.

£750 available from ENPA for socks so long as the images promote the Park purposes of preserving and of promoting public understanding and enjoyments.

Action: Kevin to ask Welcome Back Fund for 6 planters, bunting etc.

Action: Victoria to email VLL subscribers offering the 15 naked planters as advertising space (subject to the quality of the images provided: JB/VH/KH to control).

2) Tourism Update (Victoria).
Papers previously circulated. Increased visits to VL&L website. Increase social media reached. Now tracking the number of click-throughs to subscribers.

A spike in website visits at time of TV programme.

3) Reopening after lockdown.
All going smoothly. No reoccurrence of issues seen last summer.
Bookings seem generally good, but not full despite the impression given by national media.
Neither railway has seen problems due to the slow buildup.

Jess’s walking business has been fully booked, with virtually everyone coming from North Devon.

4) Staffing shortages.
LLTC aware and is writing to MP about the problem.
Cliff Railway – much worse than last year.
A national problem. DCC is working with the central government on it but no help is in sight.

5) Lyn Valley Workhub (Chris).

All going well. 
Another visit to the Braunton hub showed most of their customers were local, with some from holiday camps.
The project plan includes advertising and promotional activities.

6) AOB

a) Kevin is pursuing funding from:
– Welcome Back Fund (i.e. £56m from ERDF).
– NDC business grants.

b) Leaflets were welcomed.

c) Exmoor Coaster Bus Service
– timetable now published. 6 services a day.
– their license starts on 16 May but operations will start at the very end of May.

d) Meeting spaces.
– Lynmouth Pavilion: no clarity yet on guidance that will let the room reopen.
– Town Hall: the main hall is used for vaccination so use is restricted.

e) What is happening with VoR Hotel?
No one knows.

f) Action: Chris to explore possible synergy between VLL website and the workhub.

g) Action: John to circulate dates of future meetings (see below)

Future LETA meetings.

All will be at 4pm unless otherwise arranged. 

All are second Tuesday of month except June and October 2022.

Venue/online to be arranged.

8 June 2021

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