LETA Agenda | February 9th 2021

  • Chair: John Patrinos
  • Attendance: Kevin Harris, Liz Cwilewicz, Suzette Hibbert, Ashley Clarke, Rob Newman, Nick Woodall, Jason Broughton, John Patrinos.
  • Apologies: Dan James, Sally Cleary, Victoria Hodges.
  • No Attendance: Adrian Hobbs, Keith Vingoe.
  • Meeting: via Zoom

1) Lyn Valley Workhub

The history of the project, the way the £100,000 grant was won, the location, the plans for the building, the timescale for delivery, and the likely day-to-day management were explained. The group discussed and welcomed the planned delivery of 5/6 office spaces and 4 hot desks by December 2021, all for short term rent. The feasibility of using the Town Hall for this purpose was also discussed.

Action: all group members to spread the good news and seek potential tenants for the offices and work spaces in the proposed building.

Action: Jason to publicise through VLL once drawings/plans were more advanced.

2) Lynmouth Esplanade traffic control.

There was no report from Adrian & Sally on the action assigned to them at the previous meeting. However no adverse reaction to the proposals had been found.

The Cliff Railway, with the backing of LLTC and the County Councillor has prepared for the arrangements for the 2021 season to be similar to 2020. It was anticipated that this would be ready for Easter.

Action: Ashley to ask Andrea for planters.

3) Openreach Ultrafast Broadband project.

Is still progressing despite the terrible communications by Openreach and confusion sown by both BT and DCMS. Still scheduled for completion this year.

4) Drive-in cinema proposal.

Blackbeam Cinematic, a company from Braunton, has suggested a summer cinema on Manor Green and a winter drive-in at Bottom Meadow car park. Possibly starting from around Easter 2021.

Action: Kevin to take to LLTC with LETA’s backing.

5) Time of future LETA meetings.

Victoria has asked for our meetings to be at 4pm rather than 2pm.

Action: as a trial the 13 April meeting will be at 4pm with the agenda to include the time of future meetings.

6) Covid.

Everything depends on the progress of the disease and the control regime in place at the time. Currently: 

  • Cliff Railway plans to open at Easter but has concerns about capacity if travel restrictions are lifted while distancing remains.
  • APs seem divided between those wanting to open while others are more cautious.
  • Cafes/restaurants are generally keen to reopen.

Action: Liz to research ways of encouraging the economic casualties of C19 to self start enterprises.

7) AOB.

A new open top bus between Minehead and Lynmouth was planned for 2021 running 7 days a week with 5 or 6 trips a day.

Decision on whether to hold the Lyn Valley Classic event this year will be made at the end of February.

Lyn in Bloom has been moved into the LCDT. Gift aid now available on donations.