LETA Agenda | May 11th 2021 Supplemental

  • Chair: John Patrinos
  • Attendance: Ashley Clarke, Kevin Harris, Mark Halliday, Suzette Hibbert, Victoria Hodges, Dan James, Rob Newman, John Patrinos (Chair), Chris Sleep, Jess Twydall, Keith Vingoe
  • Apologies: John Andrews, Jason Broughton, Liz Cwilewicz, Adrian Hobbs, Nick Woodall.
  • Meeting: via Zoom

Additional notes for May 11th Meeting

1. Moving forward, I would suggest that a Visit Lynton & Lynmouth Tourism Update from Victoria should be a mandatory agenda point.  This shouldn’t be an ad hoc topic – it’s in the group title.

2. The printing and installation of the Barrier Covers along the Esplanade in Lynmouth, thanks to Kevin for organising.  I think these demonstrate how cohesive and strong the VL&L branding looks. It should inspire more joined-up and thinking for our branded promotions in the future. 

3. Proof copies of the Places to Eat & Drink in Lynton & Lynmouth leaflets have been received and are looking great.  29 Food & Drink (F&D) businesses committed to joining this leaflet, which is great support.  They are now all fully paid and 5000 leaflets will be printed in the coming weeks and distributed locally and to various out-of-town locations.

It should be noted that the new F&D leaflets now combine businesses from both Lynton & Lynmouth, and further afield.

(We are also working on a new ‘Places to Stay’ leaflet that will go to print in late May, and ‘Places to Shop’ that may or may not go to print this year. )

This is the latest F&D leaflet that will go to print.


4. A concept … Lynton & Lynmouth “Visit” Magazine – it would be great to revive the local annual ”SCENE” magazine. I’m thinking of it as a big multipage leaflet – promoting all of our ‘reasons to stay’, along with our other local ‘must see – must dos’.  Approx. 32 pages. It would be supported and paid for by local advertising and contributions, and ideally consolidate the multitude of leaflets we currently have on offer.  I was planning to avoid local events and anything that commits “dates and times” to make it as timeless as possible.

I see this in local accommodation providers, tourist centres, waiting rooms/coffee tables, post office, shop counters, on request, further afield, and any other suggestions.

I’m in discussions with a couple of companies about printing/distribution to get an idea of cost/practicality to see if it would be feasible, and to ensure the advertising costs are not too prohibitive.  Digital printing makes these publications more economical than they used to be, so I’m considering a short-run (1000/2500 or so) as a trial project.   

Here is a draft that I’m working on, still very much in its skeletal stage.