LETA Agenda | June 2019

  • Chair: Jason Broughton (Standing In)
  • Attendance: , John Tuck, Suzette Hibbert, Kevin Harris, Vicki Hodges, Jason Broughton, Keith Vingoe
  • Apologies: John Patrinos (Chair)

Minutes & Action Points

Introductions for new members

1. Minutes of meeting of 9 April 2019 – all items resolved with the exception of;
ACTION: Meet organisers of key events to allow better promotion and publicity (John Tuck)

2. Heritage Open Day Update (Ashley Clarke)
– Plans are ongoing for the Cliff Railway Heritage Open Day

ACTION: Ashley to inform the local businesses so they can also experience the Heritage Open Day (noted that whilst the day is free, journeys on the LLCR were not)

3. Lynmouth Foreshore Parking and Events (Ashley Clarke)
– Concern was raised that the Foreshore Car Park area was closed during key events (Cliff Railway)
– This was [potentially] resolved with Kevin Harris prior to todays meeting
– Kevin has confirm that additional days have been applied for, to permit the Manor parking area to be open longer during the peak season (62-days).
– Sam Glover offered limited parking spaces at the Tors for Regatta event organisers etc. to help free up public car parking spaces

4. Attracting new recruits for LETA (John Tuck)
– It was noted that the current LETA team is too accommodation provider heavy and members from other sectors should be encouraged to join
– Comments were raised highlighting that other business sectors had been invited but had failed to attend due to business commitments
– Kevin mentioned that Marsdens Cottages have a large market share of rentable property in Lynmouth

ACTION: Susan Bingham to reach out to contact at Marsdens, or share with Kevin, to enquire about joining LETA ACTION: Adrian Hobbs to seek a second body to stand-in should he be unable to attend future meetings ACTION: Adrian Hobbs to enquire if anyone from Lynmouth businesses would like to join LETA

5. Lynmouth Business Group Update (Adrian Hobbs) – Lynmouth Leaflets are underway

ACTION: Adrian to update on progress for Lynmouth leaflets

6. Cooperation with SG Investments on marketing our area (Sam Glover) – Sam gave a great introduction to the Tors project
– Sam spoke of destination promotion

ACTION: Vision Document was suggested by Sam to help focus the future direction of promotion for Lynton & Lynmouth ACTION: Please read Sam’s summary of his presentation during the LETA meeting (Attached as PDF for Everyone)

7. BID survey progress (Jason Broughton)
– John Patrinos has suggested the BID Sub Committee should be regrouped to analyse the survey data
– Survey summaries were distributed to members, and full survey results were emailed prior to the meeting – The results should be filtered and fielded to any relevant sectors/businesses for their use/consideration

ACTION: Change name from public to residents on the former public survey (Jason Broughton) (This has been done) ACTION: Sam Glover to join the sub committee group, further emails will be sent with potential meeting dates (John P, John T, Jason B (Sam Glover))

8. Lynmouth deckchair (Kevin Harris)
– Kevin had agreed repair costs of £260+ with the makers of the deckchair

– Kevin had agreed repair costs of £260+ with the makers of the deckchair
– Repairs would mean being able to choose a new fabric colour
– This would also allow better positioning of the VL&L logo for improved visibility
– HoleIn1 have come forward to say they would gladly sponsor the chairs repair if they can have their logo on it.

AGREEMENT: All attendees were unanimous that HoleIn1 could sponsor the chair and for it to sport their logo
ACTION: Kevin to finalise the chair colour with Victoria (a teal green was decided, similar to the VL&L branding colours, with white logo) (Kevin Harris, Victoria Hodges)

9. TIC (Sue Bingham / Victoria Hodges).
– Sue mention that the Classic Car organisers had asked for the TIC to be open during the event, but only 1 post card was sold. – VL&L website has been moved to a new server allowing HTTPS security, the website is hosted by Victoria Hodges
– Another website sporting Lynton & Lynmouth has arrived (http://www.lyntonandlynmouth.co.uk) for an apartment in Castle Heights
– Sue updated Sam, Adrian and Gregg on some of the history behind the TIC and funding
– Discussions were had regarding staffing and volunteers in response to the TIC office being closed too often
– The TIC is struggling to gain funding from the local business community
– Sam suggested implementing KPIs to demonstrate how effectively the TIC is achieving its key business objectives

ACTION: TIC to reach out on Social Media and/or Word of Mouth to try and gain volunteers to help staff the office (Sue Bingham, Victoria Hodges)
ACTION: Sue has stated that she refuses to procure or chase memberships for the TIC so Victoria will take over this activity (Victoria Hodges)

ACTION: Business plan still to be produced, Sam Glover has offered to assist (Victoria Hodges / Sam Glover)

10. Woodside Bridge update (Suzette Hibbert).
– Funding is going well, 47k of 60k has been raised to date\
– Efforts to gain funding see the Woodside Bridge team camped out at the bridge site encouraging passing walkers to donate – The walking boot installation is gaining a lot of positive attention from passing walkers
– It was suggested that the bridge may be installed before 2020 is over.

11. Lyn in Bloom (Suzette Hibbert)
– Funding achieved close to 3k
– The first all-year-round installations have happened at the North Devon Homes site on Lee Road, near the bus stop – Lynmouth planters should be installed this week (w/ending 16th June)
– Log planters from ENP are still pending

12. Lynton & Lynmouth Promo Leaflets & Distribution 2020 (Jason Broughton)
– Jason proposed separating the promotion of Lynton & Lynmouth away from the TIC, and to be handed by LETA
– A new, harder-working leaflet was proposed to replace the ‘6 Reasons to Stay’ leaflet
– Intention to print 25k+ and have South West Publicity (or other such company) deliver them to leaflet hot spots around the South West
– Further distribution of leaflets to be taken to the next GTO (a South West Group Travel Show)
– Handouts were given, but see attached PDF for reference

13. Lynton & Lynmouth Contingency Website (Jason Broughton)
– In light of the succession document failing to be agreed, a contingency website was proposed, making use of the existinghttp://www.lyntonandlynmouth.org.uk
– If the TIC business closes there is no legal claim to the website name or online assets, which could impact the future prosperity of Lynton & Lynmouth and the local business investment
– Handouts were given, but see attached PDF for reference

Additional Comments

Comments on LETA awareness (Gregg Ross)
– whilst collecting contact information to enable communication of the business survey Gregg collected some comments/feedback regarding LETA’s presence.
– See attached PDF for reference.

NDMB – Nick White (Kevin Harris)
– Nick White has stood down from North Devon Marketing Bureau, David Barker has taken his place https://www.northdevongazette.co.uk/news/new-north-devon-marketing-bureau-chairman-1-6094430

New ‘Welcome to Lynton & Lynmouth’ signs (Rob Newman / Ashley Clarke) – These have been developed in conjunction with the Lions
– Victoria asked if the VL&L logo could be incorporate

ACTION: Victoria to send VL&L logo to Ashley Clarke Apologies

1. John Patrinos (Stand-in Chair: Jason Broughton) 2. Bryan Stubbs (South View Guest House)
3. Keith Vingoe (Lynton Rail)

New Members

1. Sam Glover (SG)
2. Gregg Ross (Lee House B&B) (Future attendance to be confirmed by Gregg)

Recent Departures

Julie Smythe Anna Wellings

Next Meeting Dates

13 August 2019

8 October 2019
10 December 2019