LETA Agenda | August 2019 BID Supplemental

  • Chair: Jason Broughton
  • Attendance: Vicky Hodges, Rob Newman, John Patrinos
  • Apologies: Sally Cleary

BID Sub-Group Meeting

The meeting started by discussing the principle of transparency that all BID processes had to demonstrate. Concern was expressed at the balance between the benefits of a successful BID process and the time consumed by administration and bureaucracy.
Areas discussed were:

  1. The need for a Tourist Information Centre
  2. The pros and cons of the English Riviera / Torbay BID, and other BIDs.
    a. http://www.englishrivierabid.co.uk
    b. http://www.mineheadbid.co.uk
  3. Key challenges facing a successful ballot
    a. Business reluctance to support the BID without evidence to prove it would be successful.
    b. Businesses trading under the VAT threshold
    c. Businesses not wishing to trade all year round. The recent survey revealed that a large proportion of businesses wished to be busier in the shoulder months (March/April, October/November)

This is a snapshot from the Accommodation Providers survey. Even though it is from just 31 businesses, there’s sufficient feedback from most businesses that support this. Other businesses are yet to complete their version of the survey.

  1. Methods of fully engaging all businesses in the Lyn Valley area.
  2. The development of sectoral groups and their coordination.
  3. The wide range of available local talent.
  4. Future development of the visitlyntonadlynmouth website

Continued …


  1. That at this time, we lack sufficient volunteers and drive to secure and sustain a successful BID
  2. That a BID process might at some time in the future provide necessary resources. However, at the moment it wasn’t seen how it could generate sufficient funds to both pay for someone to undertake activity, and also pay for the activities undertaken.
  3. The BID would require a significant investment to start the process. Whilst the Government offer a loan scheme to help fund the application, if the BID process was unsuccessful the loan still has to be repaid. We are not in a position to finance this without a guarantor/beneficiary.
  4. That even in the absence of a formal BID process the area would benefit from a Business Plan or Vision Document that showed what needed to be done and how it would be achieved.
  5. That the way the TIC operated in the future was a key to future developments.
  6. That an annual business Get Together be held in early November (11th) to celebrate the many successes and identify areas for future activity.
  7. Introduction to LETA and why it is important to L&L
  8. Intros/talks by successful businesses from the Lyn Valley Region
  9. Guest speakers; Exmoor Park, Tech/Media company
  10. Workshops / focus groups to help brainstorm ideas for sector improvements
  11. Potential for FatBelly/Rising Sun/Madrigal bar
  12. Potential for tea & cake from Picnic Box


  1. LETA needs to meet more frequently, suggested monthly
  2. LETA meeting times to be reviewed to ensure all members can attend