LETA Agenda | June 23rd 2020

  • Chair: John Patrinos
  • Attendance: Jason Broughton, Suzette Hibbert, Dan James, Ashley Clarke, Adrian Hobbs, John Patrinos, Kevin Harris, Victoria Hodges.
  • Apologies: Rob Newman, Jo Fuller, Tony Meakin, Sally Cleary, Keith Vingoe.
  • Meeting: via Zoom

1. Unclaimed business grants

None on list were known, except one contacted by Adrian.

The Coastguard had decided nationally not to apply for the grants.

Action: John to circulate to Town Councillors as well.

2. Government guidance updates (if any)

Despite the 1 metre announcement there was a no guidance from the government, and the devil is in the detail.

Some businesses will still not be able to open.

The Cliff Railway is marginal with only 8 in a carriage. Intends to reopen in mid July with compulsory masks and hand sanitiser.

(NB: guidance has subsequently been issued here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19)

3. Social distancing arrangement in public space

The plans for the Esplanade had been submitted to DCC, who had then visited the site. No reply from them.

Cliff Railway will deploy queue stewards, and will prevent their queue passing the lime kiln.

Action : John to write from LETA to DCC asking for:

  •  a reply to the submitted plans, including a temporary pedestrian crossing.
  • action on A-boards on pavements.
  • one way pavements in Riverside Rd and Lee Rd
  • a suggested solution to the bottlenecks on Lee Rd.

4. Expected occupancy rate & bookings at APs

Victoria to ask the AP group this week about prospects for August and September.

ENPA visitor survey has been circulated by Dan.

5. Pop up market stalls

Adrian to determine the level of interest before the Town Council meeting at 10:30am on Thursday 25th June.

Action: Adrian to tell Ashley whether Cliff Railway market stalls are needed.

6. North Devon Marketing Bureau

NDMB still very poor. Visit Devon focuses on the south. No one markets tourism in the north.

Action: Jason to contact NDMB yet again.

7. Integration of walkers website with VLL

Jason and a team are reinvigorating the Walkers site. 

Not yet merged with VLL.

8. Saxby MP’s tourism zoom meeting

Agreed that there was a worrying lack of content due to the continuing lack of national guidance.

Another will be held early in July. To join email the MP.

9. Other items dealt with during the meeting

Public toilets:

  • Lower Lyndale ready to open after Building Inspector visit.
  • Town Hall PCs are the only ones that won’t be fully open.

Action: John to contact Building Control about Lower Lyndale.

Next scheduled meeting: 11th August 2020