LETA Agenda | June 2018

  • Chair: John Tuck
  • Attendance: John Patrinos, Suzette Hibbert, Ashley Clarke, Jennifer Woolley, Jason Broughton, Victoria Hodges, Susan Bingham
  • Apologies: Rob Newmans, Rob Shaddick, Ashley Clarke, Ronnie Moughton, Tony Meakin, John Frankish
Minutes/actions from previous minutes not on this agenda.
There was much discussion regarding the future of the TIC. 
BID – UpdateThere was also discussion regarding taking the BID forward following verbal backing from Tony Vickery – The Rising Sun & The Rock House, Anthony Glover – The Bath Hotel and written support from the LLCR.

Possible contact: Lucy Ball of the Minehead BID. Following the meeting John Patrinos spoke to his NDC contacts:‘Following our discussion at LETA this afternoon about a BID I spoke to Sally Nelson (NDC’s Economic Growth Manager) about a possible contribution to the costs and described the favourable responses of the big business rate payers.  She suggested that she attend the next LETA meeting along with Hannah Harrington who’s the Barnstaple Town Centre Manager and was involved in their BID. That sounds a good idea to me as we will be able to convince them of the economic benefits.’ 
Presentation by TIC
(Victoria Hodges)New website/branding presentation – 15 minutesThe presentation was well received, John Tuck will be producing a Brand Guide to encourage adherence to a ‘look and feel’ for the Lynton & Lynmouth Brand. 
Lyn in Bloom – update
Suzette Hibbert had contacted Rebecca Jackson, she is willing to take the task on. Neil Cobb (Highcliffe House) has also offered to help. There was enthusiasm to bring it back to Award Winning status. 
Alternative venues for LETASuggestion from Kevin Harris 
Accommodation complaints
Raised by Tony Meakin
Lynton & Lynmouth Events inc. review of Lyn Classic Car 2018.
A team from the L&B Railway have produced an excellent report. It was decided that issues concerning car parking and park & ride for future events should be resolved by the Town Council and event organisers. 
Outstanding business
Keith Vingo to invite chair Nick White to the next LETA meeting. (Note from ‘default’ Secretary: as we have other potential guests maybe hold this invite over to another meeting).