LETA Agenda | August 2019

  • Chair: Jason Broughton (Standing In)
  • Attendance: , John Tuck, Suzette Hibbert, Kevin Harris, Vicki Hodges, Jason Broughton, Keith Vingoe
  • Apologies: John Patrinos (Chair)

Action Points from June Meeting

ACTION: Adrian Hobbs to seek a second body to stand-in should he be unable to attend future meetings

ACTION: Vision Document was suggested by Sam to help focus the future direction of promotion for Lynton & Lynmouth

ACTION: Please read Sam’s summary of his presentation during the LETA meeting (Attached as PDF for Everyone)


ACTION: Kevin to finalise the chair colour with Victoria (a teal green was decided, similar to the VL&L branding colours, with white logo) (Kevin Harris, Victoria Hodges)

ACTION: TIC to reach out on Social Media and/or Word of Mouth to try and gain volunteers to help staff the office (Sue Bingham, Victoria Hodges)

ACTION: Sue has stated that she refuses to procure or chase memberships for the TIC so Victoria will take over this activity (Victoria Hodges)

ACTION: Business plan still to be produced, Sam Glover has offered to assist (Victoria Hodges / Sam Glover)

ACTION: Victoria to send VL&L logo to Ashley Clarke

ACTION: Meet organisers of key events to allow better promotion and publicity (John Tuck)

ACTION: Ashley to inform the local businesses so they can also experience the Heritage Open Day (noted that whilst the day is free, journeys on the LLCR were not)

ACTION: Susan Bingham to reach out to contact at Marsdens, or share with Kevin, to enquire about joining LETA

ACTION: Adrian Hobbs to enquire if anyone from Lynmouth businesses would like to join LETA.

ACTION: Change name from public to residents on the former public survey (Jason Broughton) (This has been done)

ACTION: Sam Glover to join the sub committee group, further emails will be sent with potential meeting dates (John P, John T, Jason B (Sam Glover))