LETA Agenda | April 2019

  • Chair: John Patrinos
  • Attendance: John Patrinos (Chair), John Tuck, Suzette Hibbert, Kevin Harris, Vicki Hodges, Jason Broughton, Keith Vingoe
  • Apologies: Ron Moughton, Julie Smythe, Adrian Hobbs, Sue Bingham, Tony Meakin, Ashley Clarke, Dan James.

ACTION: a brief review of the contribution of individual LETA member to be held every three meetings.

ACTION: Members to invite key organisers of main events (e.g. bonfire, classic car, etc) for a trial attendance at LETA

Minutes of Meeting of 19 February 2019 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

Reports on actions from last meeting not included elsewhere on the agenda.

Changes to the Lynmouth deckchair will be considered at the end of the season (John Tuck).

BID update (Jason Broughton)
Two surveys prepared, to accommodation providers and to other businesses. Some feedback provided and to be incorporated.

A third paper survey, with online link, to be included in LVN to get wider public engagement.

Further steps to be decided once results analysed.

Concern expressed at possible overlap with the possible North Devon T-BID.

ACTION: TIC to email APs and businesses.

ACTION: Jason to circulate 10 questions for the public for inclusion in the LVN.

Potential Heritage Open Days. See: https://www.heritageopendays.org.uk (John Tuck)
Suggested as is successful elsewhere. Focused on 13-22 September. Needs a historic building with no charges, perhaps including tours or activity.

ENPA holding a Historic Building Festival to coincide, with a program of 10 walks/talks/events, including at St Petrocks. Have a small budget and will be able to add to advertising and promotion. Contact is Tom Thurlow.
Cliff Railway have expressed an interest.

RECOMMENDATION: That LLTC use the Town Hall as a location for the Historic Building Festival and Heritage Open Days.

ACTION: Lynton & Barnstaple Railway to share his prepared itinerary (Keith Vingoe).

ACTION: Email Tom Thurow to express interest in principle (John Patrinos).

ACTION: Find existing blueprint for tours of the Town Hall (Vicki Hodges).

Woodside Bridge (Suzette Hibbert)
£40,500 raised of the £60,000 target.
More bids being submitted, a programme of fundraising events was prepared. All very encouraging.

Lyn in Bloom (Jason Broughton)
Crowdfunded has reached £1,175 against target of £1,000. In total £3,000 raised, which is more than last year. Sites have been identified in Lynton and plans are well advanced.

Lynmouth to be sorted out at a meeting tomorrow.

TIC (Vicki Hodges)
Membership numbers are increasing. Next big push is on shop membership.

Multiplicity of websites nearly completely solved.

Content of visitlyntonandlynmouth.com being enriched by visitors stories.

LLTC has agreed to pay for the Intellectual Property Rights in case of organisational failure. Document yet be signed.

ACTION: Sign agreement on Intellectual Property (Sue Bingham, Vicki Hodges, Kevin Harris) ACTION: Add TIC link to LBR homepage (Keith Vingoe, Vicki Hodges).

AOB (please let the Chair know in advance if possible).
9a. Promotional leaflets (Jason Broughton)
Leaflets drafted for Lynton were circulated.

Lynmouth Association will use the same format to maintain the brand.
£650 raised for the initial print run.

Further funding might be available from the LLTC Enterprise &Tourism Reserve is a sufficiently convincing case can be made to convince Councillors.

TIC took a table to Wheddon Cross leaflet exchange with a very good response.

ACTION: Lynmouth leaflets to be drafted (Adrian Hobbs)

9b. LETA business networking event / AGM (Jason Broughton)
The Visit Exmoor equivalent is beneficial and L&L could emulate it.
Dates and content were discussed. Agreed that it would need to be committed to for several years in order to avoid being branded a failure if there were low attendance at the initial event.

ACTION: Circulate list of ideas (Jason Broughton). 9c. Event Planning (John Tuck)

Need for a longer planning horizon for re-occurring major event in the area in order to allow better promotion and publicity. ACTION: Meet organisers of key events in order to get certainty on dates for future years (John Tuck).

9d. Dirty highways signs (Ashley Clarke)
Cliff railway volunteered a person and a petrol jet wash to help LLTC’s highways volunteers.

ACTION: Kevin Harris to speak to Ashley Clarke

9e. LBR sponsoring of car park tickets
ACTION: Kevin Harris to tell Keith Vingoe the cost.