LETA Agenda | Aug 10th 2021

  • Chair: John Patrinos
  • Attendance: Jason Broughton, Kevin Harris, Dan James, Suzette Hibbert, Mark Halliday, Keith Vingoe, John Patrinos, Ashley Clarke.
  • Apologies: John Andrews, Liz Cwilewicz, Adrian Hobbs, Nick Woodall, Jess Twydall
  • Meeting: via Zoom

Actions from meeting of 11 May 2021.

a) Lyn in Bloom applied for £2k for 8 planters that are on order, it is thought these will line the path along the Manor Green in Lynmouth. Lyn in Bloom was also awarded £2.5k for additional floral displays as part of the “Welcome Back” funding to help recovery after lockdown etc.

b) £5k applied for traffic management.

c) Lynton & Lynmouth have also received extensive lengths of ‘Live Love Local’ bunting that will be used to promote buying locally.

1. Lyn Workhub.

Due to the need to complete the works in the next 4 months, it had been decided that the project was no longer achievable so has been cancelled.

DCC has been informed that the £100k will not be required.

Separately NDC had offered £10k which might still be used for our area if a suitable economic development project could be found.

2. The Evolution of LETA. 

Jason outlined a proposal for a successor organisation to LETA focused on the visitor economy. It was unanimously agreed that there was a need for a more formal organisation with links to stakeholders such as councils and ENPA. 

Here are the two draft Constitution & Control Documents to help kick off discussions.



Social Media

  1. Facebook has over 10,000 Followers and over 9,000 Page Likes, this is a 74% increase in the last 3-years
  2. Instagram has over 3,500 Followers

Website Stats

  1. 1.5m impressions in the last 90-days (our link shown on people’s search screens, 51k clicked the link through to the website)
  2. 22,000 unique visits to the website in the last 28-days, approx. 1000 hits per day


There is a three-pronged strategy to make Visit Lynton & Lynmouth’s website the central hub of our community.

  1. Promote Tourism in Lynton & Lynmouth (https://visitlyntonandlynmouth.com)
  2. Lyn Valley Business Directory, for all businesses and trades (https://visitlyntonandlynmouth.com/local-directory/)
  3. Business Resource & Communication Hub (https://visitlyntonandlynmouth.com/business/

    Also, LETA (https://visitlyntonandlynmouth.com/business/leta/)

Lynton & Lynmouth VISIT Magazine

This is a draft that I’m working on, still very much in its skeletal stage.