LETA Agenda | December 8th 2020

  • Chair: John Patrinos
  • Attendance: Rob Newman, Ashley Clarke, Kevin Harris, Liz Cwilewicz, Suzette Hibbert, Keith Vingoe, Jason Broughton, John Patrinos (Chair).
  • Apologies: Dan James, Adrian Hobbs, Sally Cleary.
  • Meeting: via Zoom

1. Actions from previous minutes.

A bid for £750 for a tourism award and ancillary items was being submitted to Exmoor Tourism Recovery.

2. Covid updates.

Cafes/restaurants/shops are mostly open. A higher than usual proportion of visitors were from the ND area.

Esplanade crash barriers to be considered as a permanent feature, with access maintained to the Esplanade Car Park.

Action: Adrian and Sally to find the opinions of business in Lynmouth.

3. Ultrafast broadband project.

Confusion due Openreach’s communications exacerbated by emails from DCMS resulting in some vouchers being withdrawn.

Action: John to contact OR to determine whether or not there is any Vat implication (note: done, and there isn’t).

4. Lyn Valley Workhub.

The success of the £100,000 grant bid is due to be announced by DCC tomorrow.

5. Christmas 2020.

LBR opening on 19 December.

Cliff Railway closing from 24 December to 12 February.

No Christmas shoppers day this year due to the pandemic.

6. AOB

a. Jason reported 9,000 Facebook followers.

b. LBR to submit Transport & Works Act Order in the new year. Is doing a local newsletter (see their website).