LETA Agenda | February 2020

  • Chair: John Patrinos
  • Attendance: Ashley Clarke, Dan James, Victoria Hodges, Keith Vingoe, Tim Hodson, Dominic Dunbrook (NDC)
  • Apologies: Adrian Hobbs, Sally Cleary, Suzette Hubert, Rob Newman, Kevin Harris, Jo Fuller, Tony Meakin.

1.  Matters arising from previous minutes:

Christmas late-night shopping

Closing NDC car parks early for a Christmas shopping night would mean lost revenue of around £80 if closed one hour early at 5pm, or around £270 if closed two hours early at 4pm. If this were to be pursued it would need to be clear who would pay this. There would also be the administrative burden of covering and uncovering the pay & display machines in order to avoid customer confusion (NB Ashley volunteered to cover and uncover if required). 

Cliff Railway would remain open for a pre Christmas period, but not for just a single evening.

Action: Draft a scheme showing how a weekend of Christmas activities might look in 2021 (Tim, Jason, Vicky)

New LETA members.

John had invited Jon Arbon.

Vicky to invite Lucy Howe.

2. Leaflet exchange and networking 

Planned for 25 March.

8 stallholders have signed up already.

The opportunity can be used to circulate a version of the Economic Plan for feedback.

3. Update of Economic Plan

Current plan needs to be updated in draft first, with completed actions extracted and anything new added. Survey results and feedback from 25 March event can be used to inform the update.

After the update, a couple of rounds of consultation with the local business community will be required, possible through business breakfasts.

Unlikely to be any further funding for Coastal Communities especially as the Coastal Communities Team at MHCLG have been disbanded. Not helped by the LEP’s focus on areas with greater potential for productivity gains (i.e. cities).

Action: Share editable version on the Plan vie Google docs (Jason).

Action: John Vernon (NDC) is available to solace data as required.

4. Bank account for LETA?

This would be useful to avoid monies going through personal or business accounts (i.e. a few dozen transactions a year totalling around £2-4K).

Action: John to see if LLTC would act as banker.

5. visitlyntonandlynmouth.com updates

A variety of improvements had been made including a calendar of events and links to subscribers businesses. Propagation is improving.

Subscriptions were going well.

6. Coastal TIC meeting

In Watchet. Very useful. Attended by Vicky and Gregg Ross.

(John and Dominic had to leave)

7. Lyn in Bloom 

Would like to explore the potential to have a ‘boat’ planter on the small triangle of grass near the Rock House, opposite the Hole-in-1 kiosk.  Does this need planning permission etc.?  

Lyn in Bloom is currently £800+ in credit towards this years planting.  

Action: Suzette to ascertain the potential for a LLTC contribution as last year? 

8. Lynmouth Business Group

Will be meeting in early March and Tim said they will be proceeding with the Lynmouth leaflets for 2020. Helena at East Lyn House is working on them.


Dates of future meetings:
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