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Places to Eat & Drink, and Shop

Why do we need leaflets?

What is the history behind the ‘Lynton Old Town’ leaflets? 

In 2017 the business owners of Lynton’s Old Town felt they were missing out on trade arriving from the Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway.  The leaflets were designed to showcase the variety of shops and eateries located around Queen’s Street.

The next logical step was to include all Lynton & Lynmouth businesses.

However, once we realised that all Lynton businesses wanted to participate we realised that one leaflet was too small.  So more leaflets were created; Lynton Places to Eat & DrinkLynton Places to Shop & Explore and new for 2020 … Lynmouth Places to Eat & Drink and Lynmouth Place to Shop.

Any of these leaflets that are physically printed are distributed to all Lynton & Lynmouth Accommodation Providers & Businesses, Lyn Valley, Heddon Valley, Brendon and Parracombe businesses.

In addition to this, these leaflets are taken to ALL local networking events and AGMs.

They are also sent to, local campsites, and taken by, various travel agents and local tourist information centres.

Latest Lynton 
Places to Shop Leaflet
Latest Lynmouth 
Places to Shop Leaflet
Latest Lynton & Lynmouth
Places to Eat

If you would like to be added to the leaflet or make any changes to your existing advert please email Jason with your requests.