Welcoming you back to Exmoor!


We are really excited to announce we will be producing another Visit Exmoor video! The last video saw over 30,000 views and we were absolutely blown away by the response.

It was fantastic to have so many of you involved, you really got on board with it, gave it your all, and it is what made the video so successful.

For our second video, we are focusing on the return to tourism and the key messaging “We can’t wait to see you”, “We’re getting things ready for your visit” and “A warm welcome awaits you here on Exmoor!”

As we gear up to reopening our doors it’s important visitors feel welcome, feel safe and feel confident about coming to the area. The purpose of the video is to reassure those visitors who are already planning to come to the area and to inspire those looking at future trips.

The filming will again be via mobile phones. Our videographer has provided us with a document to help you with the filming and creating great shots. As an example, we are looking to achieve the following types of footage:

  • Accommodation preparation i.e. putting finishing touches in the rooms, opening the front door to the property, looking to welcome people in.
  • Activity based footage i.e. mountain bikes on the moors, kayaking, safari tours, walking with the amazing Exmoor landscape in the background – show off the rural landscape!
  • Restaurant/Cafes demonstrating social distancing layouts, setting up tables, opening front doors, looking to welcome people in. 
  • Attractions showing off any new policies for social distancing at the attraction and a snapshot of the amazing things people can come and see.
  • Messages from you! We would like some messages from you to your guests and visitors!

We are looking for volunteers! If you would like to get involved, please get in touch with Cally and she will send you over all the details, script, filming tips and how to submit your footage. 

We are looking to have all filming complete and with Cally by the end of the day on Tuesday 16th June.

Please get involved! This is a great opportunity to show visitors we are looking forward to seeing them. This is key timing in preparation to restrictions being lifted.