Lynton & Lynmouth Christmas Shopping

Lynton & Lynmouth Christmas Shopping Weekend 2021

Traditionally, Lynton & Lynmouth have been unconnected with their respective festive events. We hope that we are not alone in wanting to change that. A joined-up event spanning our two gorgeous towns is very appealing to locals and visitors alike.

2021 is still proving a tricky year, even though the country is fully unlocked. Within the local community, there are valid concerns that the virus could potentially flare up again. 

With that in mind, and to maintain social distancing and reduce overcrowding, it was hoped that spreading the shopping event over a weekend would be preferable to the traditional Late Night Shopping events that are popular at this time of year, for some of the following reasons …

Promotional Leaflets

We’ve created a series of leaflets and posters to help promote the event.  With funding from North Devon Council, 15,000 A5 leaflets will be distributed around local businesses and hotspots in North Devon, with 5,000 being delivered locally.

Other Christmas Markets & Events

We’re aware that the beginning of December is a really popular time for other markets and events to happen. Extending our event over a weekend gives visitors plenty of opportunities to enjoy our event and others too.

Activities, Promotions and Decoration

To help make the Christmas Shopping Weekend an interesting and enjoyable family event, several pop-up activities have been arranged.

To further enhance the experience, both Lynton & Lynmouth’s Christmas lights will be installed and operating. Lynmouth Street will have its annual festive lighting, and Lynton Old Town will have [very silent] bunting installed.

Lynton & Lynmouth Festive Shopping Trail Competition

We think this competition will be a great way to get visitors exploring our fantastic shops in Lynton & Lynmouth during the festive season.

Shoppers will be encouraged to visit each participating shop to find selected pictures to cross off and eliminate before they are able to determine the odd one out.  The odd one out being the only picture that is NOT on display.

It’s a lot of leg work, but with a prize worth over £180 – its going to be worth it!

Various Lynton & Lynmouth businesses have each donated a prize to create the ‘Lyn Valley Hamper’.  The hamper is bursting with Lyn Valley goodies; from art to candles, fudge to soap, socks to biscuits.

Cliff Railway

A big question is why isn’t the Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway operating during this event. Quite simply, the Cliff Railway had already scheduled maintenance works before the Christmas Shopping event was decided. However, the Cliff Railway has agreed to consider opening for the same event in 2022, which is great news.

Taxi Shuttle

As the Cliff Railway is unable to operate during this event, they have kindly agreed to sponsor a ‘Taxi Shuttle Service’.

This service will offer FREE transport between Lynton & Lynmouth on both days of the festive event. This will be facilitated by Riverside Taxis. Whilst a taxi ride doesn’t offer the same magical experience as the railway, it’s a great way to encourage shopping and eating in both towns.

Free Parking

With the help of Kevin Harris at Lynton & Lynmouth Town Council, and the support of North Devon Council, we are able to offer free car parking in selected Lynton & Lynmouth town car parks.  

This is great news for the Christmas Shopping Weekend event on the 4th – 5th December.

Funding & Promotion

In early Autumn, we were fortunate to be offered some financial assistance from the North Devon Council, from the ‘Welcome Back Fund’, originating from the European Regional Development Fund. 

This fund is covering the costs of the following promotional elements for the Christmas Shopping Weekend …

North Devon Council have also produced a Christmas Shopping leaflet, featuring Lynton & Lynmouth, and other local villages.  25k will be distributed around the North Devon region.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, queries, concerns, or even suggestions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Either message the Facebook page or send us an email –