Pre-Christmas Networking Event 2019

Pre-Christmas Networking Event – November 2019

We organised a networking event for local businesses to introduce

  • New updates to the Visit Lynton & Lynmouth website
  • Discuss current issues regarding tourism
  • Show our leaflet distribution plans for 2020

We presented a slideshow presentation which highlighted the work that Victoria had done to promote Lynton & Lynmouth and the website features.

Website Features

Many attendees contributed to the analysis of the issues which have affected or local businesses. 

The following table reflects those responses from a SWOT activity which was conducted at the event. Comments were submitted on specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by Lynton & Lynmouth.


Lynton & Lynmouth
  1. Attractions such as the Valley of Rocks, Cliff Railway and SW Coast Path
  2. Great website
  3. TIC at the Post Office
Location/Exmoor National Park
  1. Beautiful location – tranquil, secluded, quiet
  2. Stunning, unspoiled scenery
  3. You can usually find somewhere quiet, away from the crowds
Lynton & Lynmouth Town Council
  1. Good feeling of community, helping each other
Local Businesses
  1. Individual, independent (non-chain) shops
  2. Lots of local artists galleries and local crafts
  3. Some excellent places to eat and stay
  4. Due to random opening times, there is usually something open


Lynton & Lynmouth

  1. Post Office not open Sat/Sun or Bank Holidays – how do tourists get info at these times?
  2. Not enough national publicity

Location/Exmoor National Park

  1. Access from motorways and arterial routes which filter people to South Devon and Cornwall
  2. No sign on M5
  3. No sandy beaches
  4. No where for ‘yachties’ to moor boats, unlike South Devon coast

Lynton & Lynmouth Town Council

  1. General appearance of the villages – unkempt and scruffy in places
  2. State of the highways/roads – in particular Riverside Road and Watersmeet Road
  3. Lack of signage for tourists – signage not consistent

Local Businesses

  1. Restaurants closed either for most of the summer
  2. Inconsistent opening times and closing earlier at the margins of the season


Visit Lynton & Lynmouth

  1. Green tourism
  2. Social media – we can all promote the area
  3. Festivals – Photography / art / book / music / poetry /
    scarecrow / Lyn-in-Bloom
  4. Trail for children to find/see/collect things
  5. TIC signage required to increase knowledge of it
  6. Interactive information screen

Location/Exmoor National Park

  1. Better signage on M5 or at Minehead/ENP entrances
  2. Work/connect with ENP more
  3. Could we have more things for people to see/do?

Lynton & Lynmouth Town Council

  1. Extension of L&BR to Lynton
  2. Electric car charging points
  3. BREXIT – too expensive to visit EU, so stay in UK

Local Businesses

  1. Opportunity for coordinated networking ie: sharing of staff / closing and opening times for eating places
  2. Restaurants communicate/cooperate to ensure places
    are open to cater for tourists


Visit Lynton & Lynmouth

  1. Other parts of the country are more well known – what did Salcombe or Lyme Regis do to gain recognition?

Lynton & Lynmouth Town Council

  1. BREXIT – downturn in the economy, fewer tourists from EU, possible rise in fuel prices

Local Businesses

  1. Online Travel Agents (OTAs)