The importance of a place to land

The importance of a place to land

When a potential visitor wants to find out more about Lynton & Lynmouth there is a strong chance they will Google ‘Lynton & Lynmouth’, or variation of these keywords.

When Google delivers those results it will most likely present the user with the

This is the ‘landing place’. This is where they are likely to begin their exploration of the area to determine if they will visit or revisit for the day or for a while.

Over the last 10 years there have been several attempts to create new websites, with the intention of being better.  All of these websites slowly ceased to be relevant with many issues;

  • lack of up-to-date information
  • out-of-date design  
  • run out of energy to keep it running

The one constant over the years has been Visit Lynton & Lynmouth

Monthly subscriptions from local businesses are vital to help keep our website maintained, up-to-date and relevant.

Our key objectives for the website are;

  • Discovery – to ensure the website is found on page 1, at the top of every search
  • Content – providing visitors to the website are reading the most up-to-date information about attractions, places to eat and drink, things to do, events and places to stay, 
  • Encourage – to help visitors to the site make a firm decision to visit or stay.