Flying The Flag 4 Exmoor!

Visit Exmoor are creating a short video for social media channels #FlyingTheFlag4Exmoor!

Why create this video? 

The purpose of this short video is to produce a positive and heartwarming message to reinforce #VisitExmoorLater #StayHome #StaySafe and to remind our audiences that Exmoor will be here when this pandemic is over. We will use the messaging ‘we look forward to welcoming visitors back to Exmoor when it is safe to do so.’

How to get involved

The idea is that you make a short video using your mobile phone and simply hold up the messages one by one and tell the story. 

Please feature the Exmoor flag in the video – you can wave it or it can be placed near you in the video. Or if you like, feel free to do a virtual ‘pass it along’ from left to right, and we will link this to other clips with people receiving it. 

Print and use the Messages in the Message Pack PDF to create your signs.

Do I just hold up the messages and wave the flag?

Pretty much, yes! We want this to be fun, positive and personal. If your children want to get involved and this be a family activity – please do so. If your dog is running around in the background – no problem!

Feel free to be creative. We are not after a perfect video clip worthy of an Oscar, the messaging is far more important. 

Where should I film the clip?

We would ask that you consider the background to your video. Ideally it would be in front of your business or have some recognisable features about your business. For example, you could be standing in front of your shop or signage, perhaps you have a van with branding.

If you have any branded aprons or clothing, please wear these. Anything that gets your business name out!

Also, when you set up your video clip, make sure you aren’t positioned too far away, we need to be able to easily read the signs. Also, if you want to pretend to ‘receive’ and ‘pass on’ the flag, please have a go! It helps us link the clips. 

Tips and Tricks

  1. The end video will be to music so you do not have to speak the messages. Also, please don’t worry about any noise in the background of your video as this won’t be heard.
  2. Please hold the signs up clearly to the camera and ensure they can be easily read. It’s important the messages are head on to the camera.
  3. Please film each message sheet separately.
  4. Please think about your surroundings, outside or somewhere well lit is helpful as will keep the signs clearer and easier to read.
  5. Don’t be too far away from the camera, remember people will be most likely accessing this video via mobile phone so on a small screen.
  6. Don’t worry if you don’t have a flag. The focus is the message. We originally wanted to pass the Exmoor flag along but feel the wording is so much more important. If you have a flag please wave it and have it in the shot. If not, don’t worry!

How do I supply the video? 

Your clip will need to be emailed to 

If it’s too big to email me over directly. Please can you email transfer this to me using We Transfer – it is free, you don’t need to sign up to an account (select the free option). All you do is put your email address in, put my email address in and upload the video file. We Transfer automatically deletes files after 7 days. There are also other online file sharing sites, this is just the one I prefer to use.

Visit Exmoor will then compile and post on social media, tagging all participants.