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The Glen Lyn Gorge

The Glen Lyn Gorge, Lynmouth EX35 6ER | 01598 753 207 | Website

The Power of Water Exhibition tells the story of two great events in Lynmouth’s history: The 1952 flood disaster and the epic 1899 overland launch to Porlock of the lifeboat Louisa. See how the once destructive waters of the Glen Lyn Gorge now provide “green energy”.

A gentle walk leads to Moses’ Pool deep within the wooded gorge, where you can peacefully sit beside the river. Lovely waterfalls lead to an impressive ravine.

Discover how the power of the tides have influenced Lynmouth’s special history. Enjoy learning about renewable energy in a natural environment… See how environmentally friendly power can help provide us with a sustainable future without adding to global warming and climate change.