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Ruffen Common

Watersmeet Rd Lynmouth EX35 6EP | 01598 753 986 | Website

Devonshire Slipware at its best, with its humble origins based in North Devon, from everyday medieval pots to the vibrant pieces in the pottery studio today.

These pots are made for the kitchen and table, to be used and enjoyed in everyday life. The pots are wheel thrown and slab built, to be simple and robust for everyday use.

Rims are rolled for strength and to mirror the chunky ring at the bottom; which is used for slipping and glazing. Handles are pulled from the pot as if they have grown there. Slip is dipped, poured, brushed, trailed and splashed with animated movements.

Although this work is deeply rooted in North Devon’s Slipware traditions, these pots have a freshness that sits well in any modern gallery or home.


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