gunns art gallery 1

Gunns Art Gallery

11 Lee Road, Lynton Devon EX35 6HW | 01598 753352 | Website

Original work from some of today’s leading artists including Rob Bishop, Sue Howells, Jean Picton, Mary Shaw, Kerry Darlington, Kealey Farmer, Alison Johnson, David Chambers, Lhouette, Andrei Protsouk and Edward Waite.

Antique prints dating from 1790 to the 1950s – advertising prints from the `50s are particularly popular and are available on-line from the gallery or E Bay Shop

Founded by George Gunn in 1893 in a Victorian hotel built by the Jones Brothers, later responsible for Lynton’s famous Cliff Railway.


Lyn Valley Art Trail

Find more incredible artists, galleries and studios around the Lyn Valley area.

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