Maurice Bishop Lynmouth

Maurice Bishop

5 Riverside Rd, Lynmouth EX35 6EX | 01643 822 112 | Website

Maurice is self-taught, painting in oils on canvas using his drawings, photographs and imagination together with personal experience to create his impression of a landscape.

Exmoor is particularly inspirational to Maurice and his work includes many of the scenes which make Exmoor a firm favourite with visitors – Watersmeet, Malmsmead, Tarr Steps, Porlock, Dunkery and Lynmouth Harbour.

It also captures the more elusive images through paintings such as ‘Final Over at the Valley of the Rocks’, ‘Home to Lynmouth on a Moonlit Tide’ and ‘Exmoor Majesty’ which features the famous red deer. Maurice has painted themes depicting a journey towards the light such as ‘The Journey’, ‘Against All Odds’ and ‘Together at Sunset’ reflecting, perhaps, his optimistic view of our world.

I always stop and go in to both galleries whenever I’m on Exmoor - always adding to my collection - beautiful work!

Steph Davey


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