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Eddie Kent Ceramics

1 Lynway Cottages, Lynbridge Devon EX35 6BA | 07885 816 762 | Website

A ceramicist/potter/artist based in Lynbridge, Lynton,Devon who produces hand-built and thrown pieces of pottery.

I produce work using Raku, Stoneware and Earthware firing techniques.

My passion is ceramics and especially the hand building techniques such as ‘coiling’ and ‘slab building’ which I than carve back at the leather dry clay stage. I am intrigued by the Raku firing technique although Stoneware firing is a also a strong process in the finishing technique of my work.

I like to classify myself as a Ceramicist rather than a Potter as I tend to think of a potter as artist that competently uses the wheel to produce functional work.

Hand made unique ceramic all made in my studio in Lynbridge, available by phone email and my website.


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