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Wicked Wolf

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Launched in September 2015, Wicked Wolf Exmoor GinTM is the original award-winning premium handcrafted gin made from botanicals distilled on Exmoor.

Our botanicals are individually distilled and then expertly blended on the banks of the picturesque River Lyn, North Devon. We are a husband and wife team, Pat Patel and Julie Heap, and we are the faces behind this exciting venture.

Since 2015 more gins have been added to our range (some are limited editions). Our goal is to produce smooth, flavourful gins. They are pot-distilled in all copper alembic stills to extract more of the flavour, lovingly blended, filtered, bottled and labelled by hand in exclusive 100- litre batches.

All our gins are prepared in the same process.

Wickedly Handcrafted Delicious Exmoor

Wicked Wolf Gin Lynton Lynmouth

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