The Heart of Exmoor


Simonsbath is a charming village in the centre of Exmoor. Once home to the Knight family who lived in Simonsbath House, a large imposing property. The family farmed Exmoor in the 1800’s dividing the moor into plots with stone walling, most of which we still see today.

John Knight also built Pinkery Pond, a large catchment of water near the source of the Barle River in an area called the Chains. The Chains is the name given to the north-west area of Exmoor, between Simonsbath, Challacombe and Lynton. The Chains are a very popular spot for dedicated walkers.

Simonsbath Sawmill

The Exmoor National Park Authority painstakingly restored this charming sawmill that is now used to cut locally-felled oak for signs and gates you see around the park.


Exford is on the river Exe, at the heart of Exmoor National Park, with its attractive village green surrounded by a few shops and a couple of nice hotels. It’s a busy walking, fishing and horsey village with lots of activity going on.

Exford is a great place to start an Exmoor safari.

Cow Castle

is the site of an Iron Age hill fort in the River Barle valley. It can be reached by a rather pleasant 2-mile walk from Exford, or delightful stroll from Landacre. Those wishing to really explore can embark on a longer walk and include Picked Stones and Wheal Eliza, the side of an old copper mine.

Landacre Bridge

A beautiful spot in the heart of Exmoor. The bridge crosses the River Barle a short distance upstream from Withypool. It is a Grade II listed bridge with five arches. It’s a very popular spot for picnics or a dip in the shallow, fast-flowing river. And at the right time of day you can spot the local Exmoor ponies drinking and keeping cool.

Image Credit: Exmoor National Park

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