Exmoor Blueberries Sharcott

Exmoor Blueberry Farm

Sharcott, near Exford. TA24 7QQ | 075 831 87 558 | Website

Welcome to Exmoor Blueberries, an organic blueberry farm nestled above the beautiful village of Exford on beautiful Exmoor.

We have 12 acres of mature blueberry plants which are maintained by nature, pollinated by bumblebees and protected from the wind by long grasses.

The rich soil community builds a broad nutrient supply for the roots to feed into the berries, ensuring that in the pure fresh air and water our blueberries have a beautiful taste- they are honestly better than anything you can get in the supermarket- come and see for yourself!

Pick Your Own

Picking your own blueberries is a wonderful experience, and we promise they taste much better straight from the bush! It’s a fantastic way to teach children where food really comes from, and they will love exploring the rows of bushes. 


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