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Sweat Box Studio & Gym

Market Street, Lynton | 07702 738 346 | Website

Lynton & Lynmouth’s very own gym, offering a fantastic selection of programs to help you stay fit and healthy.  And it’s a great way to meet new people with a common goal – to get or stay fit.

Classes and Group Sessions

  • Cardio – an all-body cardio workout.
  • Body Fit – a fun cardio HIT session
  • Core – work your core!

1-to-1 Fitness & Training Sessions

Private sessions built around your needs to meet your goals.

Let's start #CreatingYou !

From personal experience, I understand the challenges that can be faced when sometimes the impossible is what you seem to be faced with. 

As your personal fitness trainer, my aim is to install lifestyle change over a steady period: better for your health and body than yoyo dieting and crash courses.

This process also serves to provide a more sustainable change in #CreatingyYou, a fitter and healthier individual.

Sweat Box Gym Fitness

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