Lyn Candles


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Our scented candles have been created using quality soy wax and are totally paraffin free. This blend has been developed to ensure that all of the fragranced wax burns, therefore reducing wastage and providing more product for our customers to enjoy! This we guarantee!

All of our Coloured, Seashell, Classic cream and Designer candles are made from high grade paraffin wax.

Our handcrafted coloured range of candles come in a variety of colours shapes and sizes that can be mixed and matched to allow customers to create their own unique candle arrangements.

The largest of our Classic cream candles which we refer to as our ‘Designer’ range. These come in round and square pillars and are 6 inches in diameter available in heights of 6 inch, 12inch and 18 inches. Our round ball single wick candles start with a diameter of 200mm with a burn time of approximately 216 hours, right down to a 50mm ball with a burn time of approximately 7 hours.

Owners: John Baker

Telephone: 01598 753321

Address: Lee Road, Lynton, Devon, EX35 6BS