What Makes a Great Sunday Lunch?

Posted by Lee House B&B on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Nothing can beat your mum's Sunday roast - right?

If one of the top chefs in the land served me with a Sunday roast and then asked, "Is that better than your mum's?" the room would turn eerily quiet and I wouldn't even dignify them with a response. Simple.

From a young age, many of us have grown up with the ritual of the Sunday get together, with as many of the family present as can be, to savour – albeit in 10 minutes or so what has taken much of the morning to prepare. 

Roast Dinner, Sunday Roast or Sunday Lunch?

In Lynton & Lynmouth we don't mind what you call it. Dinner is considered the most substantial meal of the day. Whether it is eaten at noon, late afternoon or evening is a cultural thing. Many Devon farmers ate a huge “dinner” in the middle of the day, to give them the strength to keep working in the afternoon. Supper, being a light evening meal is straightforward and so Lunch is the midday supper equivalent.

Timing is everything

What is the correct time to eat Sunday lunch? Lunchtime of course! But, on further investigation, this is not so. In fact, any time from 12 pm onwards, even 8 o’clock. Believe it or not, a national poll was commissioned some years ago and the most popular time was 3.15 pm – on the nose; maybe this is why the Queen's speech on Christmas day is at 3 o’clock so the meal-of-the-year can be savoured, safe in the knowledge that Liz herself has given the blessing. 

How Hard Can It Be To Put Together A Menu?

For some, it may be a day of rest, but for anyone who likes to entertain, it’s the best day of the week to get in the kitchen and get cooking. And then, one might be asking WHY am I doing this and HOW will I plan it…?  Or you could forget that idea completely, and head out to find a cosy Exmoor pub and let them prepare your Sunday lunch.

A wonderful Sunday dinner in Lynton & Lynmouth
Sunday lunch is probably one of the best meals of the week, especially when you're staying in Lynton & Lynmouth on the Exmoor coast
Celebrate a special occasion with a traditional Sunday lunch in Lynton & Lynmouth, on the North Devon coast

The Celebration

Think Mother’s Day; the family member who you haven’t seen in ages is coming; it’s grandma’s 90th birthday – a very safe but lovingly cooked piece of Exmoor beef and all the trimmings. West Ilkerton Farm, just 2km from us here in Lynton, is one of the very best local suppliers, who pride themselves on their grass and hay fed Red Ruby herd. Follow that with a fresh rhubard and vanilla tart and you've got a winning combination!

The Show-Stopper

You’re pulling out all the stops with this one and will want to impress; whatever you choose it’ll be over the top, so not just roast potatoes but decadent pan-crisped potato nuggets – you get the picture!

The Slow Roast

You’re planning a long country walk – you’re practising your bungee jumping techniques all day long – you’re meeting a friend from the airport and they’re telling you they going to be delayed – in this case, you’ve put in a bone dry, diamond-scored piece of belly pork in the morning on a low heat, which will be crisped to perfection and ready to tuck in to whenever you’re ready (just don’t forget to crunch on the crackling in isolation – preferably in the wardrobe in the spare room). 

The Vegetarian

Maybe you haven’t had the time midweek to be as adventurous as you’d have liked and now’s your chance to conjure up an imaginative meat-free meal which if you forget portion control, should see you through to Tuesday with leftovers fit for a king. You’ve opted for a Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese Wellington, with lovingly prepared honey-glazed parsnips, sprouts with chestnuts and toasted almonds and Hasselback roasted new potatoes? All of which taste just as delicious warmed through the next day…

Whatever and however you choose to eat on a Sunday, you have plenty of food for thought in Lynton & Lynmouth. You may even be converted from thinking your “mum’s Sunday roast is the best…well maybe.


Here are some great places in Lynton & Lynmouth where we think you will find a great Sunday lunch ...

The Ancient Mariner   The Staghunters   The Fox & Goose

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