Meet the Owner: MOR Gifts & Interiors

Posted by Matthew Roberts on Monday, 20 July 2020

What Inspired you to open MOR Gifts & Interiors?

I grew up in Lynton and Lynmouth and wanted to open a boutique in a place that is close to my heart and area I was familiar with. When the opportunity came up to have a shop in the building that grew up in it was perfect timing. I took the opportunity and got creative with space. I wanted customers to come into a space where they could feel relaxed enough to browse and picture the items that are on display in their own home.

I love driving into the villages each day knowing that I contribute to the businesses and the community here by having a shop that I enjoy, and the customers enjoy coming too.

What do you enjoy the most about running MOR Gifts & Interiors?

I love finding new products and researching different styles to sell in the shop and online. Being able to visit trade shows and having the opportunity to visit suppliers showrooms to handpick the products that arrive in the shop. I am all about having recycled yet modern and tasteful products that customers will be able to enjoy themselves or to pass on a gift to someone. I have locally made items in the shop from handmade soaps to stylish cushions and throws - all made-on Exmoor.  I love when I have a delivery of new products arriving and being able to display and rearrange the space to keep the shop looking fresh.

What are your favourite things to do in Lynton & Lynmouth?

My favourite things to do is enjoying the beautiful scenery that Lynton and Lynmouth have to offer. From walking out the Valley of Rocks to eating fish and chips on the harbour in Lynmouth.

What three words best describe MOR Gifts & Interiors?

Quirky | Stylish | Modern


Find out more, visit the website.

MOR Gifts & Interiors


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