Lynton Signposting at the Cliff Railway

Lynton Signposting at the Cliff Railway

To help guide visitors exiting the Cliff Railway on to Lee Road, the Lynton Cliff Railway kindly gave permission to attach a couple of signs behind their existing signs. 

Up until now, there have been no signs or directions helping guide visitors exiting the Cliff Railway.

There is a sign on Lee Road directing visitors to Lynton’s Old Town but it faces the Greenhouse and not people exiting the Cliff Railway.

The new signs will flank the exit of the Cliff Railway as visitors exit on to Lee Road. The intention is to let our visitors know that there are more things to see and do to the left and right of Lee Road.  

On many occasions we’ve heard comments like “Is that it?” or “There’s not much here is there”, it is hoped that this will help reduce those comments.

New Signs

Heidi, from Heidi Baker Signs, is creating and installing the new signs at a cost of £198, paid for by donations with contributions from Visit Lynton & Lynmouth.

Installation planned towards the end of August.

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