Lynton & Lynmouth – Walking Leaflets

Lynton & Lynmouth – Walking Leaflets

Why do we need leaflets?

Keeping it simple

Not all of our visitors want to bury themselves in complex OS walking maps or smartphone apps, sometimes they just need something simple to help guide them along some of our most popular walks.

These two leaflets are modernised versions of leaflets that existing many years ago.

At this time we don’t have funding to get them physically printed, but they are available to download on Leaflets & Guides section of the main tourism website.

If you have any comments about these leaflets or would like to purchase leaflets some for your own establishment, please email Jason with your requests.

Small print quantities are available, and the leaflets can be personalised to your own business.

Latest Valley of Rocks Walking Leaflet
Latest Watersmeet Walking Leaflet

Walkers are Welcome

These leaflets are also branded with the ‘Walkers are Welcome‘ brand.  You can read more about the WaW initiative by clicking the link above.

We promote the “Lynton & Lynmouth Walkers are Welcome” program alongside our main Visit Lynton & Lynmouth brand, to keep the message cohesive and identifiable.