COVID-19 Response & Recovery Plan

COVID-19 Response & Recovery Plan

Please be aware this document is fluid and can change as the COVID-19 situation develops and the government response and guidelines change.

The plan below is split into to two distinct sections:

  • Response Actions – these are actions that can be performed now and in preparation for the lockdown to be lifted.

  • Recovery Actions – these are actions that can be implemented ONLY when restrictions are fully lifted. Details of these are a little scant, since we don’t know yet how the lockdown will end.

If you can think of any changes that are required, missing actions or ideas that may help develop this document, please email them to

Response Actions

Response actions are ideas which businesses can implement while Lynton & Lynmouth are still in lockdown or as restrictions are reduced:

  • Support the Stay Home, Stay Safe message from Government
  • Supporting Local Business
  • Grow Visit Lynton & Lynmouth Brand Awareness
  • Be Ready for Recovery

Support the Stay Home, Stay Safe message from Government

ActionWhat you can do:
Support government rules and safety guidance during lockdownUse all your communication channels to support key messages of Government and NHS, including:
  • Social Media
  • Your Business Website
  • Email communications
  • Reservation/Booking emails
Use the following hashtags in social media:
#stayhome #staysafe #visitlyntonandlynmouthlater #visitexmoorlater
Encourage responsible behaviour during lockdown and as restrictions are liftedCommunicate responsibly on social media.

Help your customers follow the government rules and guidance.

Support local police effort and community support workers.
Useful LinksGOV.UK COVID-19 website:

NHS Advice:

OUR PLAN TO REBUILD: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy: [PDF Document]
UK Hospitality IndustryAdvice & Risk Assessment for the Hospitality Industry (DRAFT): [PDF Document]

PASC Association of Self-CaterersInformation & Support for the Self-Catering Industry: [External Link]

Supporting Local Business

ActionWhat you can do:
Local Government FundingEnsure your business has applied for the available grants and loan schemes offered by local and central government

Visit the North Devon Council Business Support Page
Surveys – tell others your views and share ideasComplete these surveys to help monitor the impact of the lockdown
Join/Subscribe to Local Tourism Groups & Associations and NDC newslettersAll businesses are eligible for a free listing on the Visit Lynton & Lynmouth website for 6 months as part of this recovery plan.

Join Visit Exmoor as an associate member, subscribing to regular email newsletters and alerts about their initiatives.

Subscribe to North Devon Council’s regular e-bulletin to be informed of news and updates. The bulletins will include information on the local and national support available to businesses, and how to access it.
Data and intelligenceJoin Visit Lynton & Lynmouth’s Big Data Collection for accommodation providers
Virtual Training & Skill ImprovementFree Digital Skills Courses include seminars on digital marketing, website design and search engine optimisation.

The government have provided a skills toolkit available at

Heart of the South West Growth Hub one-to-one business support advisor

Hospitality and tourism training courses – more info coming soon

Social distancing and safety in tourism courses – more info coming soon
Buy locally and support local shopsWhere possible, source products and food from local businesses and takeaway services.

Help each other promote local shops selling goods and services online, especially if you have used them yourself in the past – you may not be able to buy something from them, but you can help them make those few extra needed sales.
Useful LinksGovernment support for Business:

VisitBritain Coronavirus advice page:

Tourism Know How an informal blog aimed at small rural businesses with down to earth advice and suggestions

Grow Visit Lynton & Lynmouth Brand Awareness

ActionWhat you can do:
Develop social media campaignsLove Lynton & Lynmouth – encourage visitors to write about their memories and experiences and share their stories

Create Business Articles:
Help write Lynton & Lynmouth stories and historical articles:
  • History of the Rhenish Tower View the Article
  • How Lynton & Lynmouth rebuild & recovered after the 1952 flood
  • Highlight “Local Heroes” or L&L figures/people of interest
  • Stories about rescue/recovery/restoration
  • Lynmouth Mineral Company
Use extracts from Hilary Bradt’s ‘Slow Guide to Exmoor’, the Lynton & Lynmouth sections.

Use the following hashtags in social media:
#virtuallynton #virtuallynmouth #lovelyntonandlynmouth
Participate in wider social media campaignsExmoor National Park & Visit Exmoor Dream – Discover – Explore campaign

Use the following hashtags in social media:
#virtualExmoor #MyExmoor
Use the Visit Lynton & Lynmouth brandAdopt the Visit Lynton & Lynmouth logo and display it on your website, emails and sales literature
Work with our Tourism PartnersFind out ways to collaborate and share ideas with our local Tourism Partners:
Upsell the area’s green credentials and sustainable tourismVisit the Lyn Climate Action pages to get ideas and help promote Lynton & Lynmouth as an environmentally conscious destination.
Create ideas for virtual events and activitiesBe inventive!
  • Create inspirational virtual tours and experiences for visitors at home.
  • Build a shared repository of images and video and drone footage we can all use in our social media and online marketing.
  • Engage kids (and adults!) with colouring competitions of local landmarks as line drawings.
  • Promote competitions, quizzes,, wordsearch, crosswords etc., the potential for offer vouchers to redeem when visiting.
Useful Links

Be Ready for Recovery

ActionWhat you can do:
Develop plans for when restrictions are liftedGet your business ready for when restrictions are lifted. Here is some advice for adapting your business and implementing infection control measures: Exmoor Covid Recovery: Advice to Businesses document [PDF]

Focus on getting our towns ready and prepare for an increase in visitor numbers, especially day visitors.

  • Contribute to Lyn in Bloom – continue to care for overall appearance of towns’ floral displays as well as your business’s own displays, ready for when restrictions are lifted.

  • Take part in the Lyn in Bloom Competition
Plan for re-introduction of ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ messages, if required
Address ‘Fear of Travel’ concernsPrepare wider and local welcome message which target regional visitors, those within an hour’s drive from Bristol, Bath and Exeter urban centres.

Highlight measures taken by businesses e.g. extra hygiene, social distancing measures, deep cleans, staff training.

Consider applying for extra accreditation from tourism bodies such as Visit Britain/Visit England to gain recognition for hygiene measures.
Respond to community concernsDevelop and promote a Visitors’ Responsible Behaviour Code and other initiatives.

Promote new measures being taken by local businesses to improve safety.

Highlight the importance of visitor spending in local shops to continue their existence.

Highlight the value of tourism in our local community.
Prepare to attract new audiences and watch developing market trendsDevelop new initiatives aimed at closer, younger audience, e.g. younger visitors from Bristol/Bath and similar urban centres.

Use environmental credentials to target environmentally conscious visitors in recognition of climate emergency.
Aim to spread visitor across area and influence short-term footfallEnsure promotion across all Lyn Valley areas with equal attention to less visited spots to influence short-term footfall.

Prepare lists of outdoor places to visit including more open, less busy areas.
Support plans for new and existing eventsEstablished summer events may be postponed to winter or be continued the following year.

Some event suggestions include:
  • Christmas Event
    – a joint L&L late night shopping, markets etc.
  • Halloween Event
    – joint L&L late night shopping, fun things to do etc.
    – Spooky Disco at Town Hall for Kids, Big Kids and Bigger Kids
  • Exmoor Dark Skies Festival (October)
  • Music Festival / Comedy Acts at Town Hall
  • Autumn Food Festival
  • An L&L Eats ‘n Treats event?
  • Bonfire Night (November 5)
  • New Year’s Eve fireworks
  • Lyn in Bloom Competition 2020
  • Harvest Festival
  • Lynmouth Pavilion Project being re-introduced:
    – Putting on talks, slide shows, events and getting people involved online.
    – Interactive Courses: Wildflower, History, Photo Competition, Walking Trails, Drawing
    – Have a guide available to be on hand throughout the day to assist and advise.
  • Woodside Bridge Opening Event (After Lockdown is lifted).
  • Oktoberfest (19th Sept – 4th October) – Locally produced drink festival with sausages
  • Maybe a focus on the history, events promoting a day of historical events, a Devon food day, an authentic Devon music day, a day for customs of the town, tastefully done and lots of social media promotion outside of the area
Develop NEW tourism products and packages Work with local attractions and experience providers to develop unique days out and experiences for your customers.

Create Top Ten lists for activities and attractions throughout North Devon & Exmoor – focus on places more suited to social distancing while supporting local attractions who need increased footfall.

Re-develop the 21-mile Drive experience – unique stop-off points and beauty spots, supporting businesses on the route, create similar cycle route, spin-off walking routes to encourage exploration and support out-of-town communities.
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Recovery Actions

Recovery actions include ideas which businesses can implement ONLY when travel and tourism restrictions are fully lifted:

  • Convert awareness to visits
  • Manage tourism safely and responsibly
  • Continue business support

Convert Awareness to Visits

ActionWhat you can do:
Deploy our Welcome Back campaignsTell customers that Lynton & Lynmouth will be open for business and potentially an extended trading season

Utilise shared collection of high quality images and video and drone footage on websites and social media.

Use hashtags:
#VisitLyntonSafely #VisitLynmouthSafely
Extended Trading SeasonIf you are planning to be open through the Winter.
  • Communicate your extended trading hours
  • The Cliff Railway is considering opening during the Autumn/Winter period (not confirmed).
  • Watersmeet Tea Rooms and the Heddon Valley will be open during the Winter at weekends
  • Publish list of pubs, restaurants and cafés which will be open
  • Consider opening diaries for bookings into the 2021 and 2022 seasons.
Promotion of any packages and itineraries and special offers and publicise NEW tourism productsFocus on staycations and the domestic UK market, entice younger travellers and affluent spenders.

Promote packages created as part of the response actions.
Promote significant events, special qualities and seasonal appealWork with tourism partners across North Devon & Exmoor to highlight the appeal of the wider area.

View Lynton & Lynmouth as part of a collection of destinations, as we face competition from Dartmoor, South Devon and Cornwall.
Journalism, Media & FilmPrepare press releases and use media contacts to create articles, interview opportunities and editorials.
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Manage Tourism Safely & Responsibly

ActionWhat you can do:
Continue to support government rules and safety guidanceUse all your communication channels to continue to support key messages of Government and NHS, including:
  • Social Media
  • Your Business Website
  • Email communications
  • Reservation/Booking emails
Use the following hashtags in social media:
#VisitLyntonSafely #VisitLynmouthSafely #VisitExmoorSafely
Encourage responsible behaviour and sustainable tourism activitiesCommunicate responsibly on social media – how we react to visitors can be seen by the world.

Help your customers follow the government rules and guidance
for example place customer notices in your businesses to remind them of safe practices.
Manage visitor flow and levelsImplement plans to tackle potential overcrowding at hotspots and tourist traps.
Promote seasonal offersHelp spread the volume of visitors over the season and shoulder months with special offers.
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Continue Business Support

ActionWhat you can do:
Maintain links with Tourism PartnersContinually update and remain in contact with tourism partners, sharing knowledge and experience.
Networking opportunitiesTake part in business-to-business networking events, tourism and leaflet exchanges.

Reorganise training and skills workshops for later in the year.
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