Meet the Owners

‘Meet the Owners’ Article

A great opportunity to promote your business in an informal friendly way.
The article will feature in the ‘Discover’ section of the Visit Lynton & Lynmouth website, and in the ‘Journal’ section of your business profile.

Here are some great examples to read to give you the idea …

Write your own …

If you would like to be featured in a ‘Meet the Owners’ story, please answer the following questions and include a few photos that reflect the best of you and your business.

✒️Write about 100-200 words per question and don’t worry about spelling and grammar … no one else does, but we will check it over and get creative on your behalf.

Once you have completed the questions please email us 4 x photos that highlight the best aspects of your business. Also send your logo if you would like to feature this on your article or business profile. It would be great to include a picture of you, but its not required.

Once we have your response to the questions and your photos we will send you a PDF or Link to show you how your article looks before it is published.  You can make any corrections at this time.

Once approved your article will become live.  It will be published on our Facebook page shortly after, with a tag to your own business page on Facebook.

Subscribers to Visit Lynton & Lynmouth will be given priority on Visit Lynton & Lynmouth Social Media platforms.