10 Commitments of Visit Lynton & Lynmouth

1. Promote Tourism for Lynton & Lynmouth

Visit Lynton & Lynmouth will use every means at its disposal to help improve the online visibility and appeal of Lynton & Lynmouth and the surrounding area.

2. Manage the Visit Lynton & Lynmouth Website

The website was acquired by Victoria Hodges in September 2019 and is undergoing continuous redevelopment to maximise on its success as the only landing page for Lynton & Lynmouth.

The original website was funded by the TIC for many years and was relaunched in June 2018. It is now a very modern and appealing ‘place to land’. It’s swift to load, responsive to phones, pads, and is very content-rich with up-to-date information. There are informative new sections like Events and Discovery Articles.

It’s vital that Lynton & Lynton has one cohesive website and brand to avoid conflicting information and confusion.

3. Custodians of the Lynton & Lynmouth brand

Most thriving tourist destinations have a brand that visitors come to recognise and associate with the town. The VL&L (Visit Lynton & Lynmouth) brand helps provide cohesion throughout the resort, linking printed literature, signage, websites etc.

4. Central Social Media Hub

Social media is an important way to share information and engage with a target audience. People (tourists) love to check-in, tag and share their experiences on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

It’s a great way to propagate images of Lynton & Lynmouth and generate curiosity. These platforms are managed by Visit Lynton & Lynmouth with additional support.

5. Encourage Direct Bookings

Visit Lynton & Lynmouth will strive to help promote direct bookings and reduce dependency of online travel agents (OTAs) like Booking.com, Expedia etc. This will be done via persistent messages on theVisit Lynton & Lynmouth website, social media and in person.

Any bookings through the Visit Lynton & Lynmouth are commission-free.

Accommodation Providers and Local Businesses can assist with this by repeating the same messages in their guest books, on their websites, social media pages and also TripAdvisor replies. The more repetition the better.

6. Encourage day-trippers to visit again and stay longer.

Many tourists come to Lynton & Lynmouth on a day trip or they’re passing through to or from Cornwall. We want them to visit again and stay longer. Our stunning landscape and scenery are obviously the best foundation to inspire a return visit, but we can do more.

Visit Lynton & Lynmouth will boast about the exceptional accommodation on offer, the excellent eateries and shops, and the incredible attractions. Encouraging repeat visits or stays is an initiative all Lyn businesses can become involved with and promote.

7. Work for the local businesses to drive and improve trade

Visit Lynton & Lynmouth has a prime directive of encouraging people to visit Lynton & Lynmouth and driving tourism trade. Tourism is pretty much all Lynton & Lynmouth has by way of income.

This is why subscribers are vital in helping Visit Lynton & Lynmouth promote tourism for the Lyn area. Without enough visitors, the towns run the risk of becoming very poor and unappealing if businesses were to start closing.

8. Work with Councils, Groups and Promoters

Visit Lynton & Lynmouth will work with other groups (like LETA, Visit Exmoor, Exmoor National Park) to develop initiatives to improve prosperity for Lynton & Lynmouth, and the surrounding area. LETA (Lyn Economy & Tourism Association) is an alliance of Councillors, local groups and business owners working towards achieving more effective ways of raising the profile of Lynton & Lynmouth and the surrounding area.

9. Lyn Community Hub

Currently, there is nowhere for those in the Lyn community offering enrichment like arts, singing, fitness, dancing, reading, needlepoint etc. to promote their programs. Visit Lynton & Lynmouth website will provide the perfect platform to offer residents, visitors or potential investors a glimpse into an active and thriving Lyn community.

10. Bookings and Enquiries

Visit Lynton & Lynmouth still receive telephone and email enquiries from individuals, families or groups looking to visit the Lyn area, although the volume of these has dramatically decreased in recent years.

The increased reliance on the internet has enabled every business to promote their own business via their own website or a third-party website like Booking.com/Expedia.

The Visit Lynton & Lynmouth website provides an ‘availability checker’ to encourage direct bookings via accommodation provider’s own booking systems.