Pillars of Tourism

We recognise that tourism is central to the wealth, employment and sustainability of the Lyn Valley community, now and in the future.

However, we will need to work hard as a collective group to ensure that it delivers opportunities for all. The aim of our Economic Plan is to safeguard and develop the Lyn Valley visitor economy for the benefit of businesses, residents and visitors alike, whilst protecting and enhancing the high quality environment upon which we depend, to meet changing tourism needs and to reach new markets.

Our key objectives are:
  1. To increase the number of high value staying and day visits to the Lyn Valley.
  2. To increase the number and diversity of businesses within the Lyn Valley.
  3. To increase year round employment opportunities, particularly for young people.
  4. To increase joint working between businesses, measured by the number of joint projects and the number of businesses involved. 
  5. To enhance the environmental assets of the Lyn Valley for the benefit of all.

We can achieve our key aims and objectives using the Pillars of Tourism.  The Pillars of Tourism is a circular business model designed help recognise opportunities to promote, optimise and improve our prosperity.

Those pillars are: Attraction, Proposition, Experience and Referral.


Aims & Objectives

Queries & Challenges


Reach new markets

Inspire and motivate more people to visit

Encourage visitors to stay longer and visit again

Invoke memories of previous visits

Is our reach improving?

Are visitor numbers improving?


Promote the best of the Lyn Valley and Exmoor

Present great places to stay; hotels, B&B’s, self-catering and camping

Offer a wide choice of activities, events and things to do for the whole family

Entice visitors with our great places to eat and drink

Promote our rich heritage and intriguing ancestry

Is our proposition relevant?

Are we offering enough?
Is our offering up to date?


Reinforce the visitors decision to visit with a positive experience

Ensure visitors have the best time while they’re here

Help visitors fall in love with Lynton & Lynmouth

Actively demonstrate our sustainability, diversity, inclusivity and equality

Are visitors having the best time?

Are our businesses performing well?

Can we make improvements?


Encourage visitors to share their experience with friends and family

Spread the word on social media platforms

Promote positive responses on review sites

Attract people to visit Lynton & Lynmouth

Are our reviews positive?

Is our social media presence increasing?

Is our website showing increased activity?
Can we do more to encourage referrals?

This business model can be applied to any business that relies on, or benefits from, referrals to generate new business.