LETA Agenda | February 2019

  • Chair: Kevin Harris (Standing in)
  • Attendance: Kevin Harris, Adrian Hobbs, Suzette Hibbert, Dan James, Jennette Baxter (Visit Exmoor), Ashley Clarke, Victoria Hodges, Jason Broughton, John Tuck, Susan Bingham
  • Apologies: John Patrinos, Tony Meakin, Keith Vingoe, Ron Moughton, Julie Smythe

Actions from minutes of 11 December 2018

All reviewed. The majority had been completed or were progressing.

To be confirmed: –
a) Keith Vingoe added TIC link to LBR website (KV to confirm)
b) Anna Wellings received/understood her invitation to join LETA (KAH to follow up)

Welcome to new members.

Adrian Hobbs was welcomed to LETA and gave a brief resume of the reformed Lynmouth Association, their aims, intentions and membership criteria.

ENPA Visitor Survey

Dan James gave a comprehensive report/presentation of the survey and took several questions on the data.

ACTION: An E-copy will be sent to LETA members plus the Published Results Analysis etc. (Dan James)

BID (Business Improvement District)

Jason Broughton discussed a third version of the BID Businesses Survey which he would circulate for final approval by LETA members and then launch across LETA area. Results would then be available at the end of season when next phase would commence.

Adrian Hobbs asked Jason to attend next meeting of the Lynmouth Association (Monday 11 March, The Bistro, Lynmouth) and explain the BID process and perceived benefit were it to proceed.

ACTION: LETA members will attend 11 March meeting as requested with Lynmouth Association where Jason will discuss BID processes and (possible) Lynmouth Christmas Market.

A BID Loan scheme (www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-Improvement-districts-loan- Fund), highlighted by John Patrinos prior to this meeting, was discussed and discarded for reasons given by the Chair.


A general update was provided by Victoria and Susan, including social media reach data and refurbishment works undertaken to modernise the TIC facility itself. Adrian Hobbs was briefed fully so he can advise Lynmouth Association of TIC developments in past 12 months.

Membership is now 41 (paid up) with 16 waiting payment and another 15 ‘lapsed’ members. Jason highlighted some admin issues to be tightened up around membership.etc.

It was proposed only ‘Paid Up’ members will be featured in TIC promotions for the area and non-members business details removed.

ACTION: This was agreed by LETA members present (all of whom are paid up members of TIC where relevant)

Jason also had good news following liaison with SW Coast Path who have agreed ‘Paid Up’ members of TIC will get 10% discount on all SW Coast Path website and retail opportunities.

The Intellectual Property Rights Assignment document has been completed and agreed. The matter now needs to be debated at Town Council regarding a monetary value to be placed on this assignment.

As TIC and LLTC have new websites it is now appropriate to close the .org site.

ACTION: Kevin and Vicki to discuss the technical way to end LLTC .org website now TIC and LLTC have gone live on their replacement sites.

Jason asked whether the Town Council were required to actively support tourism considering its local importance.

It was explained LLTC were not required to but had a discretionary power to encourage tourism to the councils area – S144 Local Government Act 1972. Suzette assured Jason tourism was one of LLTCs key considerations hence the formation of LETA and £10k ring fenced funding allocated to tourism out of council budget from 2013.

Marketing Visit Exmoor

Jennette Baxter gave a PR and Marketing update for Visit Exmoor and the extraordinary number of events and promotions ongoing now prior to 2019 season commencement in the near future. She is to liaise with TIC to enhance their shared roles.

LETA relationship with NDMB.

A number of points regarding North Devon Marketing Bureau and the relationship with LETA/TIC prior to and since the visit by Nick White (NDMB Chairman) were discussed. LETA believe NDMB still give a poor service to Lynton and Lynmouth, concentrating on bigger attractions and areas in northern Devon.

ACTION: LETA decided they would not support LLTC continuing with an annual subscription to NDMB and believed they could make far better use of the monies promoting local offers for tourism and visitors and working closely with Exmoor based promotions.

Lynmouth deckchair

John Tuck has been working with Heidi on the branding of the Deckchair. It is believed possible to heat weld a ‘Visit Lynton & Lynmouth’ logo into a more prominent position on the Deckchair so it will advertise the area in every image of the chair posted on social media.

ACTION: John to continue exploring practical solutions

Woodside Bridge

An update was given on fund raising by Suzette Hibbert (LCDT) and Dan James advised on the urgency of fund raising to gain guaranteed match funding from ENPA. Approximately £35k was now accounted for with all add-ons and a new drive was being arranged to reach the £65k target (promised) in this financial year.

ACTION: Collecting tubs, posters etc. be sent to Cliff Railway asap – Ashley offered Bottom Station as a collection point.

Lyn in Bloom

To assist Suzette, Jason and Rebecca Jackson have got involved to re-energise Lyn In Bloom.

A Crowdfunding page has gone live to gather donations (£240 so far) and try to make up the shortfall from £15k historically spent on Lyn In Bloom to potentially less than £2k this season. Jason talked about new initiatives and possible prizes for ‘Best Kept Business’; Prettiest Garden; Best Hanging Basket display, etc. to significantly raise interest and input from the community and businesses.

A Facebook page has been set up to show pictures of how good it was and can be with the effort and time input, not just money.

LETA and other local groups

A general discussion followed on the ‘Them and Us’ issues between Lynmouth and Lynton and what LETA could do, with individual member representative on the group, to reduce or remove this ‘syndrome’ and damaging blame culture.

The value of keeping accurate and well publicised records of forthcoming events and attractions was highlighted and also how it is important to ensure advertising is current and correct i.e. The Nook still being advertised locally when it became YOSHI some time ago.

Review the validity of this meeting

All present agreed this had been a beneficial meeting with good achievements and actions to move LETA forward.