LETA Agenda | October 2018

  • Chair: John Patrinos
  • Attendance: Tony Meakin, Ron Moughton, Jason
  • Broughton, Victoria Hodges, Sue Bin
  • Apologies: John Tuck, Keith Vingoe, Richard Briden

Minutes of previous meeting held of 14 August were agreed as a correct record.

Matters arising

Lyn In Bloom. Suzette Hibbert has more help offered. As Suzette wasn’t present it was unclear whether this was part of Britain in Bloom.

North Devon Marketing Bureau to be invites to a future meeting by ASHLEY CLARKE to update us on the role and intentions of NDMB.

Footfall: the counter doesn’t work. Readings are taken annually.
Finance: no uplift in sales yet. In 9 years turnover has decreased from £50k to £19k.

Membership: numbers are stable but less than 50% of potential.

Incorrect adverse perceptions need to be corrected to allow the increase.

Future: focus on the new package, forget the past, and sell or local businesses the increase in custom brought by the TIC. To be done face-to-face.

JASON BROUGHTON to approach potential new members with names supplied by the TIC.

SUE BINGHAM/VICTORIA HODGES to e-mail the Cliff Railway link to the new website.

ASHLEY CLARKE to ask Cliff Railway Board to subscribe to the TIC.

RON MOUGHTON to subscribe the Vanilla Pod to the TIC.

ASHLEY CLARKE to arrange a 3’ x 2’ advertising slot for the TIC at the Cliff Railway.

BID. Report from sub-group – Jason Broughton

Two draft papers were circulated, one an outline of the pitch that would explain to businesses how a BID would be beneficial, the other a draft version of a business survey.

Improvements/corrections/additions were asked for from EVERYONE. They can be found here (Google Docs app if needed):

Lynton & Lynmouth BID Rationale
Lynton & Lynmouth Business Survey

JOHN PATRINOS to follow up the request for advice on funding sources for the BID process with Sally Nelson of NDC.

KEVIN HARRIS to contact Petroc for advice and help on fine tuning the draft survey.

Film locations. Kevin Harris

NDMB are attempting to increase the use of North Devon as a location for filming and have asked all areas for information on who has already filmed and where.

It was agreed to fully participate, but to also separately pursue film
companies and attract them to the L&L area.

L&L showreel to be compiled for visitlyntonandlynmouth.com (but not a top priority).

EVERYONE to send list of previous films.

To include:
Winter Ridge. Motion picture released 2018 covering the whole area.
Top Gear. Several occasions. Whole area.
Countryfile. Several occasion. Whole area.
Broadchurch. TV series 2015. Valley of Rocks.
Tess of the D’Urbevilles. 1998?
(I can’t remember the rest, EVERYONE please send to me).

JOHN PATRINOS to ensure all future agendas to have a final item “What have we achieved today?”

Next meeting to focus on a review of the membership, purpose and future of LETA. Led by KEVIN HARRIS.

NDC Tourism Strategy. Available at