Lynmouth Harbour

Lynmouth Harbour

Lynmouth Harbour is a tidal haven, usually accessible around 1.5hrs either side of High Water. During the summer season, the harbour is quite busy, so capacity tends to be limited. It is generally requested that boat owners avoid rafting and limit craft size to a maximum of 30ft inside the harbour.

Harbour Location
Latitude = 51.2319
Longitude = -3.8306

Admiralty Chart 1179
  - Bristol Channel
Admiralty Chart 1160
  - Plans of Ports of Somerset and Devon


The entrance channel is marked by a green bouy in Lynmouth Bay and then wooden posts either side of the channel. The harbour is on the right at the end of the channel, with the river on the left (not navigable).

Note, at low water the harbour and the the entire channel dries out. In rough conditions, the harbour can also experience significant swell and would be recommended avoiding by visiting craft. In good weather when space is limited or for larger craft, it may be preferable to anchor off shore in the bay.

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