LETA Agenda | August 2018

  • Chair: John Tuck
  • Attendance: Ashley Clarke, Suzette Hibbert, Jason Broughton, John Patrinos, Tony Meakin, Keith Vingoe
  • Apologies: Kevin Harris, Dan James, Ronnie Moughton, Jenny Woolley
Minutes/actions from previous minutes (18 June 2018) not on this agenda.
Suzette reported that VoR Hotel management had given a head office address re: the possible BID. John Tuck to correspond. Lyn Valley Classic Car event parkingWidening of Holman Park entrance to be considered by LLTC. A two day event being considered carefully before any action. 
BID – UpdateA consultant to take the process as far as the vote should cost no more than £7k including expenses. John P to speak to NDC about possibility of part funding. Splinter group created to develop a strategy and build the pitch about investment in the local economy. All LETA members to try to widen the membership.  
‘The Way Forward’
At previous meeting, concern had been expressed at the agenda always being the minutes of the previous meeting.

JohnP had circulated an abbreviation of the Coastal Communities Plan as a possible basis for future agendas, and it showed a very strong similarity to the list that. 
Created LETA in 2011.

It was agreed that as the agenda for today’s meeting was appropriate this item needed no further action. 
John T had discussed succession plan, structure and business plan with Sue Bingham. 
LETA Chairmanship
John P appointed as Chair 
Lyn in Bloom
This is going forward with a new team 
Lynton & Barnstaple Railway has a new Commercial Manager Rachel Nutley a resident of Barbrook.

Lynton and Barnstaple also have a production company filming the haulage by a specialist company of two locos to Woody Bay Station. Jonny Bowden made the suggestion of a History Walk with brass rubbing plaques around Lynton & Lynmouth. 

The LLCR are possibly producing an Historic Treasure Hunt (Note the Lyn & Exmoor Museum has an extensive archive of images). 
Outstanding business
Keith Vingo to invite chair Nick White to the next LETA meeting. Sally Nelson also to attend next meeting